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"Leading From Within"

...And Increase Your Energy, Confidence & Ability As A Business Leader

As a business owner or entrepreneur, do you go to bed at night:

  • Replaying events of the day in your mind?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and exhausted by ongoing expectations and demands? 
  • Questioning your ability to create the success you desire?

If so, we are here to support you!

It’s not uncommon for the enthusiasm, passion and creativity that once drove you to jump out of bed in the morning, to dissipate as the reality of business leadership sets in, leaving you feeling limited in time and energy. 

And as a forward thinker, you’ve likely read books, taken online courses and now need trusted, in-person support to get you exactly where you want to go, without wasting time. Experience has taught you that when feeling stuck and isolated, connecting with others can positively impact your progress and success.  

A new perspective, in a small group setting, is what you really need to reconnect with your inspiration and energy.  A new point of view that allows you to identify and effectively remove what has been keeping you stuck.

Our "Leading From Within" Full Day Workshop on May 8th, offers you a trusted environment that supports and enhances your leadership. Through interactions with others, your creative problem solving abilities come alive and you will recognize alternative solutions to handle difficult and challenging situations.

You are the leader of your business and your business is only as strong as you are. 

The more you grow as a leader, the more success you experience personally and in your business.  

Successful leaders:

  • are calm, confident, capable individuals who courageously lead with empowered focus,
  • find creative and lasting solutions to problems,
  • and experience more fulfillment, balance and purpose in life.

In this face-to-face coach led workshop, you will gain key insights into being a successful leader.

The interactive format will support you in:

  • Connecting with other like-minded business owners/entrepreneurs.
  • Gaining deeper insights and perspectives of your personal leadership.
  • Receiving feedback and support about your next steps.

You are the core of your business. At your core is your leadership. The success of your business is a reflection of your leadership.

As the key resource of your business, investing in your personal leadership will give you the energy, confidence and ability to move yourself, your business and others to success!

Workshop Details

May 8, 2019

Leading From Within

9am - 4pm

Marquis Gardens Ancaster, 1365 Sandhill Dr. (Tiara Room), ON, L9G 4V5

+ Event Details

May 8, 2019

Leading From Within

  • Lunch, beverages and snacks will be provided.
  • Parking is free.
  • Space is limited to 20 registrants.
  • Chris Wilson & Lisa Taraba are excited to support you!

9am - 4pm

Marquis Gardens Ancaster, 1365 Sandhill Dr. (Tiara Room), ON, L9G 4V5

Marquis Gardens, 1365 Sandhill Dr., Ancaster, ON, L9G 4V5