As a coach, my passion is supporting accomplished business owners, senior leaders and professionals to safely release their inner volcano and experience the fullness of their personal power and leadership. I Thrive Coaching clients find their ‘I’ – their unique essence that inspires them to live with passion and purpose.

Individual Coaching Services

I Thrive Intensive Coaching:

To set the stage for success and safely initiate the process of releasing their inner volcano, clients engage in four intensive coaching sessions, each 2.5 hours in length. Sessions are spaced two weeks apart, spanning a two month period to support momentum and initial change. To optimize time together, clients complete assessments and reflective tools prior to sessions, including the Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) Assessment. Summary notes, with action items, are provided after each session to support accountability and this package wraps up with each client creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan to support next steps. This package also includes unlimited telephone and email contact with Lisa between sessions.

I Thrive Transformative Coaching:

Lasting change takes ongoing compassion, patience and practice. In this six month follow up program, clients connect with Lisa every other week for a total of 12, one-hour coaching calls. Each session provides ongoing personalized support to maintain momentum as clients implement their Personal Leadership Development Plan, engage in new behaviours and overcome challenges as they arise. In addition to coaching calls, clients experience 3, two-hour Skill Development coaching sessions, each focusing on a key area of personal growth as identified during their intensive coaching program. This package also includes unlimited telephone and email contact with Lisa between sessions.

I Thrive Expansive Coaching:

As clients shift their leadership and lives from surviving to thriving, they may desire ongoing support to expand their progressive momentum. For some, the every-other-week schedule is powerful to continue, for others a different schedule is helpful.

Team Coaching Services

Team Coaching Services
Have you ever walked into a meeting and felt the discomfort or excitement before a word has even been spoken. Workplace culture and its associated energy are key to the success of any business or organization. This energy starts with you as a leader.Clients who have worked with me individually know the value of connecting with their personal power. Once they learn how to productively harness their own energy, empowering others is a natural next step. When clients desire team support beyond our individual coaching discussions, I Thrive Coaching is passionate about supporting teams to experience enhanced workplace culture and synergy.

Workshops and Speaking

Workshops and Speaking

If you are looking for an experienced speaker with a unique perspective on personal and professional leadership, I’d love to your support your next interactive workshop, conference or employee development opportunity.  

Meditation and Complementary Support

Meditation and Complementary Support

While I’m passionate about my coaching practice, coaching is but one modality that supports clients to find the ‘I’ in their lives. I Thrive Coaching offers adjunct services, including meditation classes, to support individuals aligning with their personal power and leadership. With this mind, sign up for I Thrive Coaching’s Newsletter to know about upcoming offerings and dates.

If you would like to experience how meditation can support you, I invite you to enjoy this brief meditation sample.

Enjoy I Thrive Coaching’s free offerings

If you’d like to learn more and experience how I Thrive Coaching can support you, I invite you to explore my free offerings where you can book a Complimentary Strategy Coaching Call to discuss your specific situation and goals.

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