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If you’re like so many other business owners, senior leaders and professionals, you’ve learned to play by a prescribed set of rules in order to achieve what’s important to you. Yet all along, a part of you has just wanted to break free and escape!

So here you are, at a crossroads in life. You’re tired of being who others need you to be and yearn to experience life on your own terms. The good news? Breaking free is actually critical to uncapping your inner volcano and harnessing your personal power. Your personal power allows you to step into your full leadership potential and its this energy that enables you to shift your life and business experiences from surviving to thriving!

Do one or more of these scenarios reflect your current situation?

  • You’ve spent most of your life being who others expect you to be, but know there’s much more to who you are and what you desire from life. You feel overwhelmed and burdened by the demands and expectations upon you. You likely oscillate between the resentment of ongoing responsibilities and the guilt of not meeting the expectations of others, or those you put upon yourself.
  • The vulnerability of exposing yourself is paralyzing. You feel anxious about opening yourself up to others. You question if you’re being grandiose in your ideas and fear being judged, ridiculed or rejected for thinking differently than others. You long to experience more passion, confidence and freedom in life, but the thought of being authentic feels somewhat overwhelming and foreign to you.
  • The passion that sparked you to make a difference in the lives of others has been replaced by an emptiness and longing to fill it. Despite all that you have accomplished, nothing seems to fill this void and you've started to question what will bring you a real sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  • When faced with a challenge, you don’t have the same drive and resilience that once allowed you to rise to the occasion. Perhaps you're more triggered and reactive than in the past. Your fuse is shorter, you have less patience and small things are setting you off. You question your ability to juggle the number of tasks that you're used to, worry about making a wrong decision, fear the potential of failure, or lose sleep over the uncertainty of what's to come.
  • While others recognize your success, there's a part of you that feels you should be doing more. You possess an element of perfectionism. It’s as if you are constantly trying to prove yourself and use praise, rewards and accomplishments to validate your worth. There are even times where you question your abilities, or feel like an imposter, wondering if you really have what it takes.

I Thrive Coaching supports clients who ultimately desire change, not status quo.

At your core…

  • You come from a place of curiosity and possess a willingness to learn and grow as an individual.
  • You want to be accepted and loved for who you are, not who others believe or need you to be.
  • You are experiencing, or open to, a deepening of your spirituality.
  • You desire more freedom, fulfillment and fun in life.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I’m confident that I can support you to feel more authentic and fulfilled without giving up all that you’ve worked for and value in life.

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