Do you secretly yearn to be more authentic, yet hold yourself back for fear of rejection, feeling like a fraud or losing all that you've worked for?

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You’re likely at a place in life where you’ve achieved a lot by being who you’ve learned to be.  

And while you yearn to fully express your true self, you resist doing so, concerned that it may mean losing all the comforts that you value, both personally and professionally.  

Like so many others, you ultimately want to feel accepted, respected, loved and free to be you!

If you’ve accomplished a level of success in life, while at some level feel like an imposter, worried that revealing the depth of who you are will unveil the charade and leave you vulnerable and at risk of losing all that you’ve gained, you’re in the right place.

You can be you, the real you, without giving up all that you’ve worked for.  It’s possible and it's yours to realize.    

Lisa Taraba

I'm Lisa Taraba

I've helped dozens of business owners, seniors leaders and other accomplished professionals who feel pulled to be who they are, versus who they've learned to be, to release their fear and embrace their authentic, empowered, fearless self - their 'I'.

So How Do You Start?

My passion is supporting others to align with their authentic, empowered, fearless self.  If you'd like to discover how I can support you, I invite you to download the Roadmap to Success: From Imposter to Authentic Self and/or enjoy a Complimentary Coaching Session.