Find the 'I' in Your Life.

Your 'I' is the unique essence which inspires you to live with passion and purpose.

It is your Infinite self and when awakened, allows you to commit to the power of your personal leadership and experience your unrealized potential!

About I Thrive Coaching

Leadership Coaching


I Thrive Coaching inspires business owners, executives and other accomplished individuals to be the authentic, empowered, fearless leaders they truly are. 


I Thrive clients adopt a unique approach to leadership and learn to find their 'I'.  

The results; clients become conscious leaders, develop exemplary teams, and shift their businesses from surviving to thriving.

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Find Your 'I'


In a world of external demands and unrealistic expectations, many leaders struggle to stay motivated and inspired in the face of day to day challenges.  They lose touch with their passion, lack balance & fulfillment and survive on autopilot.  They've disconnected from their 'I'.

When you become a conscious leader, you find your 'I'.  You understand who you truly are as a leader, not simply the role you are in.

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Energy Leadership™


​Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership.  It positively influences and changes you, those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

Energy Leadership™ allows leaders to see challenges for what they truly are, opportunities in disguise.  The results; increased productivity, less effort and more fulfillment! 

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Meet Lisa

Experience I Thrive!

"Lisa has incredible intuition and has used it to coach me through numerous 'aha" moments.  She is passionate about helping business professionals become conscious leaders so they can take their career to the next level.  I highly recommend Lisa as a leadership coach!"

Sue Clayton

Executive Director, Agriculture in the Classroom 

Winnipeg, Manitoba

"After the first session with Lisa, I realized this was the business coaching I was looking for.  Working with other business coaches in the past, I only focused on the 'how' of my business.  With Lisa's unique approach and tools, she helped me to rediscover my passion and drive - the 'why' of my business.  Those 'aha' moments are real!  The clarity and purpose that comes from working through the mental clutter are truly amazing; creating focus and drive to help me move my business forward.  Thank you Lisa!"

Stacey Sherwood

Owner, Supperworks Ancaster

Ancaster, Ontario

"Lisa helped me sift through the jumbled thoughts I was having and expertly guided me to focus on my inner strengths, interest and potential.  The coaching process activated me to reflect on goals beyond our sessions together, which has proven to be invaluable!"

Shannon Crocker, RD

Owner, S. Crocker Consulting

Ancaster, Ontario

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